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Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

Subject:Writing: 'My Skins Generation, Part 2'
Posted by:fancydressmasks.
Time:5:28 pm.
Hey, if you havn't read my previous post, 'My Skins Generation' is the title of some fiction I've been writing based on my creation of a future Skins generation. Skins is a British television show, but this is not fan fiction. It's just where I got my inspiration, and I felt I should explain the title.

If you havn't, and are interested in reading the first part, you can find it here: http://fancydressmasks.livejournal.com/10187.html

Second part;

"Moisturiser - face, neck, rub in. Foundation, blusher, eyeliner, mascara.
And flick. Hair - straighten. Apply hairspray.  The monotony of Megan’s morning routine was one that could calm her down despite whatever else was going on in her life. She didn’t know what she had, except this.  She always had this. Her routine was something she could rely on, something solid in the face of life’s troubles..."

You can read the rest here at: http://fancydressmasks.livejournal.com/10342.html

It will remain public for three days only, so if you like it and are interested in following the story, please add me.

Please leave comments - criticism or compliments, I don't mind! I'd love to know what you think of it and I really appreciate feedback (:
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Monday, August 2nd, 2010

Subject:Writing: 'My Skins Generation'
Posted by:fancydressmasks.
Time:8:44 pm.
I recently decided to write some fiction based on my own creation of a future Skins generation. Skins is a British television show about a group of teenagers. However, this isn't really something you need to know, I just figured I should explain the name of the story. This is not fan fiction. It's just where I got my inspiration from, so don't feel you need to know anything about the show to enjoy the story.

It starts at the beginning of their last year of high school (aged 15/16 in the UK), and will end at the end of their second year of college (aged 17/18), following the characters as they go through the struggles that face them, coming to terms with who they are as people.

I intend to write in third-person, from each character's point of view, and post a new part every other day. The characters consist of the charming yet sensible Isabelle, laid-back but quietly attention-seeking Luke, insecure 'girly-girl' Megan, highly-strung and opinionated Sarah, kind, awkward and intense Archie, the melancholy and easily-angered Dan, fun and loud Jacob, troubled yet intruiging Daisy, permanently-hyper, goofy Barrett and gorgeous newcomer Kick.

"The over-powering smell of last night’s cigarette smoke hung in the air of the dingy council house living room, clinging to Isabelle’s clothes and in between the layers of her tousled, auburn hair. She fiddled with the cheap Nokia phone in her hands, checking the time on the display. 7:52. She had been doing this for an almost an hour now - watching the half-drunken, sleeping bodies around her and repeatedly checking the time..."

You can read the rest of part 1 here at http://fancydressmasks.livejournal.com/1

It will remain public for three days only, so if you're interested, please add me.

I'll post the next part in two days.

Please leave comments - whether compliments or criticism, I don't mind! I really appreciate comments and feedback, thanks (:
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Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

Subject:Writers' Block: The Great Myth
Posted by:lazuli_writes.
Time:11:42 pm.
Title: Writers' Block: The Great Myth
Summary: ... since I began writing, I've heard many different people exclaim "What shall I do? The horrid Overlord Writer's Block doth wound me greviously!"

Down the Rabbit Hole, Alice

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Friday, November 6th, 2009

Subject:Resources for Writers
Posted by:lazuli_writes.
Time:11:43 pm.

Title: Resources for Writiers
Summary: A listing of my favorite software and books directed towards writers on the internet; click and see what you might find!

Down the Rabbit Hole, Alice

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Subject:Making Clay (Part 1/?)
Posted by:lazuli_writes.
Time:3:16 pm.
Title: Making Clay
Genre: Writers on Writing
Summary: "...a great man once told me that writers write. Raw material won't come to you in a flash of inspiration and no-one will make it for you."

Down the Rabbit Hole, Alice
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Thursday, November 5th, 2009

Subject:prisoner of the past and a prisoner
Posted by:stargenz.
Time:12:53 pm.
Prisoner of the past
Closing and locking the door
thinking that i am alone
and sitting on a single stone

How to face my tommorow
if i am a prisoner
how to be free from sorrow
not even getting lighter

i want to be free and spree
from a dark and hidden cage
made by skilled hands of thee
my heart wants your name to page

i am so tired to cry
my eyes wants to see a light
my heart wants to die
but my mind wants to fight and fight

I am a prisoner
they call me a loser
in their eyes i am a sinner
though i can be better
a good man sooner
somedaythey will hail me as a winner.
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Posted by:stargenz.
Time:12:52 pm.
in every game there is a winner
in every competition theere is a loser
it's just a fact that everyone is a player
a beginner that will be a winner sooner

in every story there is an end
in every road there is a bend
in every downfall there is a friend
a memorable time to spend

in every happines is a secret sadness
in every smile is a hidden loneliness
in every laughs is a pail of tears
behind the mask of courage is a face full of fears

you are the reason of my "every's"
i'm still in pain though you say your sorries
its true that my VERDICT
lies on the veil of your YES
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Subject:behind the bars
Posted by:stargenz.
Time:12:50 pm.
behind the bars
walking and searching
running and hidding
i live in the dark
not even getting lighter
this is me
my life is a waste
my future is a trash
a mistake to be a human
what happened
an empty brain ,stone heart
an immoral soul
and now i am a prisoer
too shy to be a sinner
still im a believer
that ill change for the better
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Subject:walang iwanan at iwas
Posted by:stargenz.
Time:12:48 pm.
walang iwanan
minsan may pangakong binitawan
kahit kailan daw ay walang iwanan
pero parang ang hirap paniwalan
dahil napakalayo sa katotohanan
natuto akong maging palaban
at huwag basta basta maapakan
sa pangakong walang iwanan
sus! hindi ko na paniniwalaan.

hindi ko malaman
kung ano ba ang nararamdaman
damdamin ko sa iyoy di ko maunawaan
bakit nga ba ako'y naguguluhan
at damdamin sa iyo'y pilit iniiwasan
pero kahit anog gawin para maiwasan
hindi ko pa rin matakbuhan
ang damdaming ito sa iyo'y iniaalay
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Subject:saying goodbye
Posted by:stargenz.
Time:12:44 pm.

it is hard to choose words on saying goodbye.no words can ease the pain brought by the sensation of goodbye.no words can hide the sorrow of goodbye. but wjy there is good in the word goobye?why dont we just use bye instead of goodbye?;( is it a simple way of saying that there is good in saying goodbye?
there is a surprise in every ending?
there is a new beginning behind the old beginning?
still there's a doubt within myself. i keep on cryong whenever i hear someone saying goodbye. no one feels happy whener encountering the door of  goodbye. how can i live in a world full of goodbyes? but as time goes on i realized something. GOODBYE MEANS FOREVER GOODBYE  MEANS  NOT  SEEING  YOUR  LOVED ONES  FOREVER
I wish that word never exists in our life , in our world. but as i stare onthat word i believe that there is happiness in every goodbyes.

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Friday, August 14th, 2009

Subject:Write! Write! Write!
Posted by:managar.
Time:9:40 pm.
A place to create your own characters that can interact with others!
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Sunday, July 26th, 2009

Subject:my senses
Posted by:stargenz.
Time:6:02 pm.
by the way i am genina.. i love to write anything..


here are my poems

my senses
standing alone along the road
walking for a hundred miles
counting a million times
looking for someone
can it be you?
hearing the tick tack of my watch
as the soundtrack on the patch
feel the every beat of my heart
as i close my eyes in each day

every glimpse of my eye
li'l step of my foot
sounds that my ears hear
i know my senses will lead me to you

Genz keeps on asking
keeps on searching
why do i need to msuffer
only love i offer

genz keeps on telling
keeps on finding
what's his reason
the change of reason

genz keeps on crying keeps on shouting
that i am in vein
can not get out the pain

genz keeps on walking
keeps on loving
the reason of my hurting
my tears are keep on falling

genz keeps on hoping
keeps on wishing
that firsts love will go away
and true love will stay

Wish upon a star

dark night
twilight sight

shinny star
but its too far
one wish
i cherish

i do

love you

mahirap manindigan
lalo na kapag ang puso ang kalaban
kahit gaano ka kagaling mangatwiran
isa ka pa ring talunan
pagkat dito nakasasalalay iyong nararamdaman

kahit gaano mo siya gustong kalimutan
kahit na gusto mo siyang talikdan
kahit nais mo siyang iwanan
di mo magawa sapagkat siya ang kaligayahan

ang iba'y di ka maintindihan
sa iyong patuloy na paglaban
kahit na walang patutunguhan
at sa huli'y iyong iiyakan

hindi kasi nila alam
kung ano ang iyong pinagdadaanan
kaya lagi kang hinuhusgahan
na dahilan para ika'y mahirapan

minahal mo siya ng totoo
hindi mo ito nilalaro
lalo na't hindi ka nagbibiro
pagkat puso mo'y seryoso

mahirap tanggapin ang mapait na katotohanan
na hindi lahat ng kwento'y nauuwi sa kasiyahan
may ibang nahantong sa mapait na kalagayan
ang iba'y nanatiling katanungan

mahirap mahalin ang taong di sa iyo
mo siyang sinusulyapan sa malayo
pagkat nararamdaman mo'y pilit na itinatago
ayaw mong malaman niya ito

lihim m,o siyang minamahal
kaya't lihim ka ring nasasaktan
pinili mong maging hangal
pinili mo ring maging talunan

ano pa bang magagawa ko
kung iyon ang nais ng puso mo
sino ba naman ako sa buhay mo
isang hamak na estranghero lang naman na napadaan
at naaksidenteng ikaw ay aking minahal..

Saturday, 25 July, 2009
11:28:52 AM

someday someone will love me
the way i love you
someday this rain of tears will be an ocean of smile
someday i am going to be happy witout your shadow
someday someone will make me happy
someday someone will weep my tears
someday i am going to  sit beside him
someday i will have a path of two
a journey for lovers
someday i am going to be a princess
princess on my own fairytale
someday someone will be there for me
someone who will love ,e
someone that i can hold on to
someone that will miss me the way i missed you
someone that will do everything for me
someone that will care for me
someone that will not HURT ME THE WAY YOU DID

that someday?
because i am tired of hoping that

you could
be my SOMEONE.

my MAN

once i wish to have my man
a man that will protect me in danger
a man that will climb me in tha trees
just show how romantic love is
a man that will go to my house just to greet my parents and drive me in school
a man that will put his arms on my shoulder
a man that will stare at me and give me the sweetest smile ever
a man that will hold my hand and watch me sleeping
a man that will put my feet over his feet just to give me the perfect dance in my life

How long should i wait for your sweet "yes"
how long should i care for your everlasting love
how long should i cry for you to come back
how long should i hope for you in disguise

so many questions
but the answers are limited
it can not be answered
not me..not her..not him
but you
only you

how long should you play my heart
how long should you be a heartbreaker
a tear causer.hope grinder,care waster
love rejector,heart tearer,
tell me
because i am ready to be a toy
for a player
and that is you.

for once i wish to be his princess
dreamed to be his destiny
fantasized to be his wife
prayed to be his bride

for once i want to be the reason of his smlies
the reason why he studies hard
the why of his inspiration
the reason of his every why's

for once i like to be his first and last dance
his first and last girl
his first and last inspiration
his first and last love

i want to happen those things even for once
and that for once will be my forever at once.
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Friday, July 24th, 2009

Posted by:stargenz.
Time:8:45 pm.
Thinking that i am always alone
walking on my own
stepping on a single stone
singing in a sad tone

what a sad life i have
there's no one that can save
what challenge destiny gave
can i get out from this cave

after sometimes, finally you came
your standing and holding a flame
i feel the spirit of fame
and love stays the same

and now my life becomes a journey
a journey for two and i became corny
my dark period turned shiny
for me your like a genie

your like a wish
that happens in a swish
my forever's wish
my one and only wish

thinking only you
walking on a path for two
stepping on a single stone with you
singing in a tone of two.

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Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

Subject:New to LJ
Posted by:gabbypenn.
Time:11:04 am.
Hey so I just joined this community two minutes ago- just joined LiveJournal two days ago!
I go by Gabby Penn, here's some info about me:
gender: female
age: in high school
hobbies/loves: writing, reading, laughing, & blowing giant bubbles
reason for joining?: my reason for joining LJ and this community (among others) is that I am an aspiring writer who would love to get her work out there and reviewed. I love hearing what people think- please check out my journal where I've already posted two of my pieces and comment on it!!!
I'm totally interested in collab pieces, penpals, editing circles, and just plain help/advice when it comes to writing (although I'm no expert you can be sure of that).
check out my journal!
friend me!
eat a cupcake!...

(sorry, that was random- I got confused with what YOU wanted to do and what I wanted to do- which is eat a cupcake..like now)


(although I gotta say I've never met anyone who didn't not want to eat a cupcake when the subject was brought up, so if you live near a bakery or have one on hand, you can feel free to eat a cupcake too!)

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Friday, June 26th, 2009

Subject:hello, meet my friend Angie
Posted by:bv_rida.
Time:11:38 pm.
Name: Mags
Age: 18
Local: The Little Rhodey State

Chapter 1

This story has been in the works for three years because of a shameful combination of lifes little distractions, other stories, and good, old fashion ADD.
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Friday, May 22nd, 2009

Subject:So I just joined this thing...
Posted by:emmanomoly.
Time:12:56 pm.
Here's the basic info.  If you're so inclined, give my work a read!
Twenty-three year old female college student majoring in Creative Writing

What are your hobbies?
Walking my dogs

Do you generally think that opposites attract, or that two of a kind is for the better?
I don't think that extremes ever really work.  If two people are complete opposites or, conversely, exactly alike, it spells disaster.

Are most of your platonic friends of the same, or different gender?
Mixed.  I have more guy buddies but my closest friends are women.

Please write a paragraph or so, describing yourself.
I'm an introverted extrovert who is finally getting her life together.  I've always loved to write (enough to make it my major) but haven't given myself much opportunity to grow as a poet and author.  I have some natural talent with the written word, but lack the self-discipline to do much with it creatively.  I write for our local alternative news source, mostly doing concert reviews, album critiques and band interviews.  I'm very passionate about music, but have discovered that I'm much better at writing about it than actually producing it.   I work as an emergency veterinary technician for my "day job."  I've been in the profession for almost seven years and love having the opportunity to be a nurse for my four-legged fellows.

I'd love some feedback on my work...I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine!  emmanomoly.livejournal.com
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Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

Posted by:elwenstarmaid.
Time:6:09 pm.
I am a college student, perilously close to graduating.

What are your hobbies?
Reading. Spending time with friends. Swing dancing. Wasting time online. Hanging out with my brother. Playing music while doing something else. Typing, watching TV online, and reading all at once. Occasional writing.

Do you generally think that opposites attract, or that two of a kind is for the better?
Both. By that, I mean that having certain important things in common is better (like ideas about money or religious beliefs) but that pairing an introvert and an extrovert usually works pretty well.

Are most of your platonic friends of the same, or different gender?
Both. Where are these questions coming from?

Please write a paragraph or so, describing yourself.
I write sporadically. As of now, I'm on summer break and I don't have a job, so I have time to write. It's much harder during school because there's homework and clubs and a job, but also because I write best in long, uninterrupted periods, which are of course difficult to come by. Most of what I write is fanfiction (Harry Potter figures prominently there), but don't bash it--devouring stories and then laboriously pumping out my own has taught me how to write. Some of them are horrendous, but others are quite good. (Here's a link to that, in case you're interested: elwenyare.livejournal.com.)

I am attempting a minor in Creative Writing, so I'm trying to shift from fanfiction to original work. My nonfiction can be pretty good; my fantasy writing is not; and very little of my poetry ever sees the light of a computer screen. But it's honest work and I'll keep working.
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Friday, May 8th, 2009

Subject:New member
Posted by:fantasydust.
Time:8:22 pm.
Mood: content.
Hi Everyone! I have just today actually joined Live Journal and the Write Stuff club. I am looking for new friends and will be soon posting some stories I have written for you guys to comment on. Feel free to message me. I am looking for pen pals too I just haven't filled out that form yet. I love fantasy and paranormal writings.  I enjoy romance too. I read a lot. :D Thanks!
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Sunday, March 22nd, 2009

Posted by:ellaquin.
Time:10:02 am.

I am not a member, but, I am hoping for a little help, if anyone would be so kind.

I prefer to write about the 12-18 age group, but, its been awhile since I was any of those ages, and even when I was...I was not remotely normal, so using my memories and own experiences is somewhat limiting. So here is a questionnaire anyone can fill out, particularly if you happen to be 12-18. Thanks!

QuestionnaireCollapse )

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Sunday, March 15th, 2009

Subject:Hey All
Posted by:catchaseme.
Time:9:21 pm.
 Name: call me Cat
Location: Boring Utah
I'm not a member of the write stuff

I just thought, if anyone wants somebody to look at their stuff, feel free to send it to me. I love to copy edit and give feed back on writting!  I love things that let me procrastinate doing my homework, so don't feel like you are bothering me!
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