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So I just joined this thing...

Here's the basic info.  If you're so inclined, give my work a read!
Twenty-three year old female college student majoring in Creative Writing

What are your hobbies?
Walking my dogs

Do you generally think that opposites attract, or that two of a kind is for the better?
I don't think that extremes ever really work.  If two people are complete opposites or, conversely, exactly alike, it spells disaster.

Are most of your platonic friends of the same, or different gender?
Mixed.  I have more guy buddies but my closest friends are women.

Please write a paragraph or so, describing yourself.
I'm an introverted extrovert who is finally getting her life together.  I've always loved to write (enough to make it my major) but haven't given myself much opportunity to grow as a poet and author.  I have some natural talent with the written word, but lack the self-discipline to do much with it creatively.  I write for our local alternative news source, mostly doing concert reviews, album critiques and band interviews.  I'm very passionate about music, but have discovered that I'm much better at writing about it than actually producing it.   I work as an emergency veterinary technician for my "day job."  I've been in the profession for almost seven years and love having the opportunity to be a nurse for my four-legged fellows.

I'd love some feedback on my work...I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine!  emmanomoly.livejournal.com
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