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Writing: 'My Skins Generation, Part 2'

Hey, if you havn't read my previous post, 'My Skins Generation' is the title of some fiction I've been writing based on my creation of a future Skins generation. Skins is a British television show, but this is not fan fiction. It's just where I got my inspiration, and I felt I should explain the title.

If you havn't, and are interested in reading the first part, you can find it here:

Second part;

"Moisturiser - face, neck, rub in. Foundation, blusher, eyeliner, mascara.
And flick. Hair - straighten. Apply hairspray.  The monotony of Megan’s morning routine was one that could calm her down despite whatever else was going on in her life. She didn’t know what she had, except this.  She always had this. Her routine was something she could rely on, something solid in the face of life’s troubles..."

You can read the rest here at:

It will remain public for three days only, so if you like it and are interested in following the story, please add me.

Please leave comments - criticism or compliments, I don't mind! I'd love to know what you think of it and I really appreciate feedback (:
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