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A writing haven for teenagers

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The Write Stuff was created in 1996 as a small circle of kids finding their way through the literary world. Eight years later, our brainchild has evolved into a beloved brainteenager. Our website has won a number of awards, including being chosen by Writer's Digest as one of the top 101 websites for writers in 2002. In addition to a message board and writing tips, we now have other features such as a panel of peer editors that provides detailed critiques of members' writing. Four peer editors critique any piece of writing upon request by a member of The Write Stuff. Each critic provides individualized comments and suggestions that are sometimes even longer than the piece itself! The monthly newsletter also has a section called "Learn from the Masters" in which a famous author is highlighted each month-after all, most good writers begin as good readers. From Hemingway to Kerouac, we hope to expose the club's members to various writing styles and notable authors. Presently, the club has more than 160 members from all across the country and even from all across the globe--Canada, Germany, Ireland, Romania, and even Kyrgyzstan. If you would like to join the club, please email LittleAL87@aol.com. This LiveJournal community is a way for members (and non-members) to interact. It will serve as an ever-changing, always-updated source of information for our dynamic reader base. We urge you to get involved, both here on the LiveJournal and in the newsletter and club itself!

NEW COMMUNITY MEMBERS: Please introduce yourself with your name, age, location, and whether you are a member of The Write Stuff. If you're not, you're still welcome to participate in our LiveJournal community...but consider joining. We're pretty cool.

COPYRIGHT INFORMATION: All posts made by their authors are solely the property of their authors, unless otherwise stated. Plagiarism and copyright infringement is punishable by international law. Or we'll sic a bunch of rabid chihuahuas on you!

POSTING INFORMATION: If you have a thing for inappropriate material above the level of PG-13 (meaning that a 13-year-old couldn't read it), post elsewhere. Write Stuff is community of teenage writers, both young and old, which means that all posts have to be PG-13. Flames, blatant advertisements, and other abuses of the Write Stuff LJ will be deleted. If in doubt, simply ask! :)