Gabby Penn (gabbypenn) wrote in writestuffclub,
Gabby Penn

New to LJ

Hey so I just joined this community two minutes ago- just joined LiveJournal two days ago!
I go by Gabby Penn, here's some info about me:
gender: female
age: in high school
hobbies/loves: writing, reading, laughing, & blowing giant bubbles
reason for joining?: my reason for joining LJ and this community (among others) is that I am an aspiring writer who would love to get her work out there and reviewed. I love hearing what people think- please check out my journal where I've already posted two of my pieces and comment on it!!!
I'm totally interested in collab pieces, penpals, editing circles, and just plain help/advice when it comes to writing (although I'm no expert you can be sure of that).
check out my journal!
friend me!
eat a cupcake!...

(sorry, that was random- I got confused with what YOU wanted to do and what I wanted to do- which is eat a now)


(although I gotta say I've never met anyone who didn't not want to eat a cupcake when the subject was brought up, so if you live near a bakery or have one on hand, you can feel free to eat a cupcake too!)

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