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Writing: 'My Skins Generation'

I recently decided to write some fiction based on my own creation of a future Skins generation. Skins is a British television show about a group of teenagers. However, this isn't really something you need to know, I just figured I should explain the name of the story. This is not fan fiction. It's just where I got my inspiration from, so don't feel you need to know anything about the show to enjoy the story.

It starts at the beginning of their last year of high school (aged 15/16 in the UK), and will end at the end of their second year of college (aged 17/18), following the characters as they go through the struggles that face them, coming to terms with who they are as people.

I intend to write in third-person, from each character's point of view, and post a new part every other day. The characters consist of the charming yet sensible Isabelle, laid-back but quietly attention-seeking Luke, insecure 'girly-girl' Megan, highly-strung and opinionated Sarah, kind, awkward and intense Archie, the melancholy and easily-angered Dan, fun and loud Jacob, troubled yet intruiging Daisy, permanently-hyper, goofy Barrett and gorgeous newcomer Kick.

"The over-powering smell of last night’s cigarette smoke hung in the air of the dingy council house living room, clinging to Isabelle’s clothes and in between the layers of her tousled, auburn hair. She fiddled with the cheap Nokia phone in her hands, checking the time on the display. 7:52. She had been doing this for an almost an hour now - watching the half-drunken, sleeping bodies around her and repeatedly checking the time..."

You can read the rest of part 1 here at

It will remain public for three days only, so if you're interested, please add me.

I'll post the next part in two days.

Please leave comments - whether compliments or criticism, I don't mind! I really appreciate comments and feedback, thanks (:
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